Personal-Training Certification – American Fitness Institute | Groupon


Summary according to the Groupon website:

Online materials allow students to set their own pace over a four-week period before testing to be certified as a personal trainer

Source: Personal-Training Certification – American Fitness Institute | Groupon

Just stumbled upon this gem today! I think this would be a great opportunity for anyone looking to take their own fitness to the next level. If you have a busy schedule (which most of us do), check it out anyway since all materials are online and can be completed at your own pace.  From what I gathered from the Groupon website and the very minimal American Fitness Institute website, you get two re-tests of your online exam. (In case you skimmed through the textbook like back in college) The best part about this deal aside from being $200 off is the fact that you will be certified in CPR AED and Personal Training for 2 years upon completion. So for $95 (original price is $295), you will save 68% and get to say “Well, as a Certified Personal Trainer, I think that… ” while your friends and family roll their eyes. For 2 years. Seriously though, that’s enough time to develop a personal training business if you really put your mind to it.

More Reasons to Do This:

  • Why not? Life is too short not to open opportunities for yourself. You may discover that you really enjoy fitness, and it could even change your life.
  • Gain confidence from being certified in something.
  • Have the tools and knowledge to take control of your own fitness.
  • Add an aura of trustworthiness to yourself. People will see you as someone who can help. And you can be the one to lend a hand.
  • Make life more interesting by developing a new mentality through learning.

I certainly plan on pursuing this as part of my commitment to my own health. Don’t worry, I will let you all know how this goes.


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